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Welcome to the #After_Party_Australia channel website.....Come see What's New....Put faces to those Ops....Check out Rules n Stuff......or contact us


@Lord Ospheral!


Nickname: Lord Ospheral
Real Name: Alan
Age: 20
From: Melbourne, Australia

Fave Types of Movie:
Horror, Action, Comedy, Thriller, and some romance

Fave Movies:
The Matrix, StarWars Trilogy, Brain Dead, Notting Hill, Habitat and more.

Fave Tv Shows:
Friends, Good News Week, South Park, The Simpsons, The Drew Carey show

Fave Computer Games:
Diablo I and II, Quake I, II and III, Jedi Knight

Fave Music:
Savage Garden, Techno, and some of the chart music

Best Friends!

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