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We try not to have many rules in place and prefer that everyone use their own common sense. Basically we?re all here for the same reason ? and that?s to enjoy ourselves and have fun.

Really the only time we have problems with people is when they flood the channel. Usually a kick will suffice, however if they do continue a five minute ban will normally do the trick. Never kick another op, if you have a problem with a particular person let them know in private by all means, and if the problem can?t be solved tell a higher op ? It?s not a good look for an op to kick another op.

Do not ban streakers unless they have streaked the channel more than once in a short period of time. If you do ban a streaker reverse the ban soon after.

Swearing is not outlawed; but constant, indulgent swearing, particularly by a newcomer who has just entered the channel shouldn't be tolerated. Ops are advised to use discretion.

Popups are acceptable at times.


The level of a channel operator is based on: frequency in the channel and length of time coming to the channel; contribution to the channels growth or exposure; responsibility in administration - consistency, non-bias, prudence. The levels are as follows:

100 to 124
Ops in this range are regulars who are considered responsible with ops.

125 to 149
Ops in this range are people who are regulars to the channel and have administered the channel in a highly proficient way and have been consistent and non-biased with their kicking and banning decisions.

150 to 174
Ops in this range are regulars who are not only proficient with their ops but have contributed to the channels growth or proper administration.

180 to 200
Ops in this range are considered instrumental in the day to day management, administration and other decisions which help run the channel smoothly and help its growth.

Note: Ops over level 150 have the express right to add users to the access list. Remember ? We?re all here to have fun!!

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