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General Film Links

  • ACNielsen Entertainment Data, Inc. - "The worldwide box office authority."
  • All-Movie Guide - Online film and video database.
  • Cinema1 - "Movie magazine for the cyberworld."
  • Dark Horizons - "One of the hottest sites around to find out the latest news, images, clips and reviews of all the current and upcoming blockbuster films."
  • Dr. Daniel's Movie Emergency - Reviews, games, and more "treatment for the addicted movie fanatic."
  • Entertainment Insiders - "Where film buffs get their fix."
  • Film Bytes - "The weekly webcast series that brings you behind the scenes, and on the beat, of the film biz."
  • - "The independent voice of film criticism on the Internet."
  • Film Scouts - "Scouting the universe for the best in motion pictures."
  • Final Cut - "Your ticket to movies on the Web."
  • Hollywood Hotline - CompuServe presents "the most informative and interactive movie site on the Internet," featuring extensive content information, previews, and reviews by Scott Renshaw, James Berardinelli, and yours truly.
  • Hollywood Online - "The premier Web site covering both Hollywood and the motion picture industry."
  • Internet Movie Database - The most popular film database on the 'Net.
  • Microsoft Cinemania - Reviews, news, and showtimes.
  • - "...your source for film and cinema."
  • Movieweb - Movie previews and news.